Trump’s Debate Dominance Invigorates Upstate Conservatives and Moderates

June 28, 2024  (Greenville, SC), The Greenville County Republican Party (GCRP) agrees with President Donald J. Trump’s assessment that he “delivered the greatest debate performance,” following Thursday night’s presidential debate against President Biden.

The GCRP has been consistently supportive of the 45th president, flying a large TRUMP flag at its headquarters during Biden’s entire presidency.  “As consumers, Americans know what shape the economy is in,” says GCRP Chair Yvonne Julian, “and no amount of verbosity from Joe Biden is going to make chicken salad, gasoline or housing more affordable. Tonight, Biden treated Americans like they were stupid, like they don’t know what things cost,” says Julian. “We know very well that we were comfortable, if not thriving, four years ago, and now many people are struggling financially.”

Following the debate, which aired on CNN, various liberal hosts of that network were all in agreement that Biden had not only lost the debate, but then took their comments a step further.  Several stated Biden could not be the nominee.  “It may be,” says Julian, “that this entire event was orchestrated to showcase a failing Biden, so the topic of replacing him could be broached quickly, broadly and without pushback.” Julian does not remember an event during which an entire panel of liberal CNN commentators were openly discussing the shocking failure of the leader of the Democratic party.

During the debate, social media platform X (formerly Twitter) revealed that Michelle Obama was a trending topic. Also prevalent on X was the entire video clip of Trump’s long-ago speech about Charlottesville, VA, which revealed Biden’s use of a completely false quote often attributed to Trump.

“We will be ‘all hands on deck’ to support President Trump in his bid to be elected again this November,” says Julian. “We welcome new members and volunteers with open arms.” The HQ at 2505 Wade Hampton Blvd offers a wealth of Trump clothing, hats and jewelry, for those interested.

The Greenville County Republican Party made national news in 2021 when MAGA conservatives, many of them new to the process, seized control of the County Party during its biennial ReOrg elections. Their grassroots movement spawned several citizen candidates vying to unseat incumbents in local elections. Members were also critical volunteers in Trump’s hugely attended July 2023 rally in Pickens, SC.

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