Minutes of the GGCRP Special Meeting of the Executive Committee – Hearing of Joe Dill Primary Election Protest

GCRP HQ, 2505 Wade Hampton Blvd, Greenville, SC, Thursday, June 23, 2022

Call to Order: GCRP 1ST Vice Chair Yvonne Julian called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm as Chairman Jeff Davis was attending a SCGOP meeting in Columbia

Invocation: Jeff Brown, Devenger EC

Pledge of Allegiance: Mitch Dobrenen, Parliamentarian

Republican Creed: Mike Voaden, Walnut Springs EC

Credentials Report: Joe McLaughlin, Westside EC – 55 precincts were represented; no quorum needed.

Before start of presentation, it was clarified that Joey Russo was notified in a timely manner via telephone call with Yvonne Julian, 1st Vice Chair.

Joe Dill presented his case:

  1. Machines are not calibrated per SC code; this is what has been told to him by county employees
  2. Poll workers have not taken the oath, with signed copies filed with the Clerk per election code


  1. 83 yo female resident of Skyland Precinct was not given a provisional ballot when she arrived at polling location without identification. She only had an expired license from 2018. **Discussion ensued** Don Crain confirmed that valid picture ID must be presented to obtain a ballot per the Manager’s Handbook.
  2. Deidre Dill, Skyland precinct, her vote changed during the voting process without her touching the screen. She was grateful that she noticed it before handing in the ballot.
  3. Candace Phillips, Skyland precinct, was voter number 62 and the scanner was broken. She was directed to place her completed, printed ballot in the bottom of the machine. She has no way of knowing if it was counted.
  4. David Butler, Skyland precinct, was voter #63. He was also directed to place his completed, printed ballot in the bottom of the scanner. He returned at 6:00 pm and noticed there was a new machine. The poll worker in attendance didn’t know anything about the ballots that were cast earlier, when the machine was broken, nor were they sure when the machine was replaced.

Discussion ensued regarding reports that must show the number of ballots given to voters must equal the number of ballots scanned. The question is how and if they reconciled those ballots in the Skyline precinct.

  1. Tracy Highlander, Skyland precinct, her ballot “rejected” when she tried to print. The answers to the questions on the Republican ballot were not printed, and not counted. **Shelly Jones, Slater Marietta poll worker, interjected that if a voter pulls on the ballot when it’s printing then it will “reject” and must be re-printed. At her precinct they had only one working machine for the first three hours. She has no idea how many voters left due to the very long line. Discussion ensued re various incidents across the county, not isolated to District 17.
  2. Theresa Williams, Gowensville precinct, stated that her ballot did not reflect her vote. She noticed it on the printed ballot and a poll worker had to correct it for her.

It was determined through discussion that some voters who had been in Mr. Dill’s district were not any longer due to redistricting. There was a polling place used previously that was not being used for the Primary and there was no signage directing voters to the new location for the first few hours. There was one precinct that had two districts, but poll workers had clear direction on which ballot to give to voters of each district per poll workers present at this meeting.

Joe Dill related that there were two poll workers fired that day for telling people who to vote for. It’s impossible to say how many votes were swayed, and for whom. Bottom line, per previously made statements, procedure is not being followed and he requested the election be voided.

It was then clarified by Mitch Dobrenen, Parliamentarian, that the vote need only be 50% +1, no 2/3 majority required. Our vote only affects the District 17 race, not the entire election.

Yvonne Julian, sitting Chair, stated the Motion: Has Joe Dill presented sufficient evidence to overturn the vote in his district in the Primary election. It was “moved” at 1:07 in the video but this Secretary was unable to determine who so moved as multiple voices were heard saying “I so move.” Motion was seconded by Wyatt Miler, EC Skyland. Discussion ensued re type of vote. An additional motion was made by Everett Headley and seconded by Shelly Jones to hold a secret ballot. The vote was 34 aye, 21 nay. The vote for the Joe Dill motion was cast on lime green slips with 50 ayes, a super majority. The challenge prevailed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:27 pm as the sole purpose of the meeting was concluded.