Greenville, SC (June 27th, 2023) – The Greenville County School Board had a meeting Tuesday evening, June 27, 2023. There were several topics on the
agenda, including election of Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary. The initial election tied candidates for the position at 6 to 6 votes. None of the board members were forthcoming in changing their vote, so Charles J. Saylors (Area 20) proposed Caroline Styles (Area 19) be nominated Chair, Debi Bush (Area 17) be nominated Vice Chair, and Glenda Morrison-Fair (Area 23) be nominated Secretary until 2024. Everyone voted unanimously on this proposal. Other topics included expanding the free school lunch program to include 82 schools, which means students at these schools will have access to free breakfast and lunch each day. Only 21 schools were included in the program last year. There are 11 schools not included in the program. In addition, the board also approved new honors courses including accelerated pre-engineering, criminal law, family law, and emerging automotive research.


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