Resolution to Approve ReOrg Schedule, Budget & Membership

GCRP HQ, Greenville, SC, Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Call to Order: GCGOP Chairman Jeff Davis called the meeting to order at 6:13 PM 

Invocation: Ben Carper, EC Tanglewood

Credential Report: Joe McLaughlin – 67 precincts represented; quorum attained 

  • Greg Peck, EC Tubbs Mountain read the resolution. See attached. Second by Terri Wicker, EC Suber Mills. Lib Tickle, Jennings Mills asked who made decision regarding ReOrg locations. Per the Rules, President of the precinct is to set the location. Date to be March 14th @ 7 pm – Countywide ReOrg date.
  • Yvonne Julian, EC Southside: question/answer re membership fees – they do cover county convention fee. Bob Bugos, Del Norte: can someone sign up for county party membership at ReOrg – the answer is yes.
  • Shawn Miller, President Frohawk: requested clarification on the budget. Chairman Davis explained that as presented, it is a simple extension of previously approved budget. See attached. Further discussion ensued.
  • Voting occurred during discussions via text, zoom chat and in person. Final tally:

Yes – 45; No – 22

The dates decided are: 3/14 – ReOrg; 4/1 Makeup; 4/22 County Convention

Must attend in person. No sign ups between ReOrg and Convention.

Motion to Adjourn by Greg Peck, second by Joe McLaughlin. The meeting ended at 8:15 PM