Hilton Hotel Orchard Park, Greenville, SC, Monday, June 5, 2023

Call to Order: Yvonne Julian, Chairman @ 7:00 PM

Opening Prayer: Charlene Means, Tanglewood Precinct

Pledge of Allegiance: Tracy Romano, Silverleaf, EC

Republican Creed: Andrea Bruner, Eastside, EC

Welcome – Elected Officials, Veterans/Families, Visitors: Yvonne Julian

Meeting Calendar – no change from list on the agenda

Greenville Mayoral elections 6/13 Candidates: Joe Farmer and Knox White (Mr. White did not attend the meeting).

Credentialing Committee Report: Joe McLaughlin, Chair – 142 organized precincts, 114 ECs present/proxy; list of unrepresented precincts was read


Discussion ensued regarding the ballot contained in EC packets. Steven Boehm, Gowensville, spoke against filling out name and precinct on ballot. Everett Headley spoke against the motion itself. Jeff Davis, State EC, spoke in favor of roll call vote-voice vote. CTQ – Marcus Griffis, Fork Shoals. Harrison Musselwhite spoke in favor of the vote by division. The body agreed. Motion to Meet Bi-Monthly at the Hilton passed with 81 affirmative votes. Also at this time, Harrison Musselwhite conducted a “pass the bucket” for donations. 

Treasurer Report: Mary Wheeler, Treasurer – see attached/website

Chairman’s Report: Yvonne Julian – The Chairman discussed 1) different communication avenues to be used: email, Signal, and Facebook. 2) ECs were encouraged to use the Resolution Tool on the website BEFORE a business meeting. Resolutions not reviewed by the Board/Committee before a scheduled business meeting will not be heard. 3) EC packet contains list of number of voters that voted in primary per precinct – that number MUST increase. ECs encouraged to engage voters in different ways as it takes “7 touches” to effect change. 4) Standing committees need two members each.

Officer Elections – 3 min max candidate speech plus one short nomination speech

  • GCRP 2nd Vice Chair – Technology and Communications: Linda Young from Holly Tree nominated Lenore Skelton. Vote by Acclamation as there are no other nominees.
  • GCRP 3rd Vice Chair – ReOrg and Membership: Jeff Davis, State EC, nominated Mike Voaden. Dwight Stearn, Ranch Creek nominated Paul Gorski. Mr Gorski was out of town and did not attend the meeting. Voting was conducted by ballot. Mike Voaden elected.
  • GCRP 4th Vice Chair – Outreach: Deb McCauley, Greenville 1, nominated Griffin Callahan. Dwight Stearn, Ranch Creek, nominated Paul Gorski, not in attendance. Voting was conducted by ballot; Griffin Callahan elected.
  • GCRP 5th Vice Chair – Events: Keith Jones, Locust Hill, nominated Terri Wicker. Vote by acclamation as there are no other nominees
  • Secretary: Linda Craig, Graze Branch, nominated Angie Fisher. Vote by acclamation as there are no other nominees.
  • Treasurer: Janice Neikirk, Castle Rock, nominated Mary Wheeler, incumbent. Vote by acclamation as there are no other nominees.

Standing Committees Elections – discussion ensued regarding the number of members on each committee. It was determined that there were two elected, two appointed, and the Chairman makes five. Each nominee was given two minutes.

  • Candidate Recruitment: pre-determined nominees – Jim Slice, Darby Ridge, Stephone Taylor, Verdmont. No nominees from the floor. Nominations are closed.
  • Rules: Gregory Peck, and Ray Sheen who was absent. Jeff Davis spoke for Ray Sheen. No nominees from the floor. Nominations are closed.

Discussion ensued regarding nominations from the floor – Elizabeth Jean Scott, Greenville 21 clarified that the chair must say nominations are closed.

  • Finance: David Kopp and Diane Weir. David Kopp was represented by Tom Marraffa as he was at the School Board meeting. Tiffany Mauk, Frohawk nominated Shawn Miller from the floor. David Kopp and Diane Weir were elected.
  • Precinct Re-Org: Jo Jones and Tommy Maraffa. No nominations from the floor; nominations closed.


Diana Weir presented a Motion for ECs to report monthly on voter contact to ensure that they are fulfilling their duty. Terri Wicker, Suber Mills, seconded. Discussion ensued. The vote to table the motion did not pass. Motion to commit to action passed.* [NOTE:  A change in the passed motion was made, from the word “required” (ECs are required to report monthly on voter contact) to it is “recommended” / requested that ECs report monthly on voter contact.]

Everett Headley, Travelers Rest 1, made a motion to vote by Acclamation for the unopposed positions. Motion passed.

Ballots collected by Heather Sheen.

Diana Weir made a motion that business meetings be held every other month. Terri Wicker second. Motion passed.

Donations collected during meeting: $1,212

Numerous announcements were made; Heather Sheen, Teller Committee announced winners.

Motion to Adjourn made by Harrison Musselwhite – Motion passed 9:28 PM