The Greenville County Republican Party would like to thank Oconee County Conservatives for hosting our Chairman Yvonne Julian, State Executive Committeeman Jeff Davis, 5th Vice Chair Terri Wicker at their Saturday July 22 meeting.  The group asked our Chairman to share her story of joining the Republican Party after leaving the Democrats-they wanted to find the truth for themselves instead of relying on lies and misinformation. The spirit this body of committed conservative patriots shows encourages all of us across the state fighting to uphold the Republican Platform and the values that made our nation great.  Thank you again Oconee County Conservatives.


The Greenville County Republican Party (GCRP) represents Republican voters in Greenville County, SC. Our leadership is elected every two years, and the party meets regularly to conduct regular business and update our Executive Committee leadership and precinct members. We believe in promoting constitutional liberties and furthering the America FIRST agenda started by President Trump. The People are here to end the lies and corruption in local, state, and national politics by holding our elected officials accountable to the Republican Platform and the U.S. Constitution.

The Chairman is Yvonne Julian at 864-360-9246 (cell).  The State Executive Committeeman is Jeff Davis at 843-901-8036 (cell).  For more information, the GCRP Communications Committee media liaison is Linda Young at 864-787-7522 (text or call).

The GCRP holds an open house at its headquarters each Friday from 11am – 1pm. The GCRP also offers a host of events and educational opportunities. For more information go to


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