Greenville County Republican Party Logo Stolen for Rogue Mailers

Greenville, SC / June 7, 2024 — An organization calling itself “Better Greenville” has, without permission, incorporated the Greenville County Republican Party (GCRP)  logo on literature it recently mailed to voters, according to information shared with party headquarters.  The mailer, in support of a particular county council candidate, was created without the knowledge or support of GCRP, which has no affiliation with the little-known organization.

“While we have not yet sought a legal opinion, it appears that this use of Greenville County Republican Party intellectual property by ‘Better Greenville’ does not meet the requirements of Fair Use doctrine,” says GCRP Chairman Yvonne Julian, “which would create a violation of Trademark Law.”

The Republican party’s logo on the mailer misleads voters by implying that the literature’s promoted candidate has been singled out by the GCRP for endorsement and support, which is completely false, and is clearly an attempt to influence voters during early voting, and just prior to the county-wide Republican primary on Tuesday, June 11.

The Greenville County Republican Party disavows not only Better Greenville’s tactic of misusing its intellectual property, but also the concealing of its own funding sources. The secretive nonprofit is registered to an agent in Columbia, SC.

“This kind of tactic is politics at its very worst,” says the Chair, “the kind that grassroots activists in GCRP, and citizen candidates, are working to change”.

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