MINUTES of the GREENVILLE COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY October 2022 Business Meeting (DRAFT – detailed minutes coming soon)

GCRP HQ, Greenville, SC, October 3, 2022

Call to Order: GCGOP Chairman Jeff Davis called the meeting to order at 7PMOpening Prayer Joanna Jones (Locust Hill)
Opening Prayer Joanna Jones (Locust Hill)
Pledge of Allegiance Lynne Brown (Devenger)
Republican Creed Mitch Dobrenen (Furman)

Welcome from Chairman Jeff Davis
Guest Speaker – Sheriff Hobart Lewis

Events: Terri Wicker, GCRP 5th Vice Chair, www.GreenvilleGOP.com/events: Nov 7th (Pre-Election Night GOTV), Poll watchers / Poll workers, GOTV (door knocking, phone banking),
Election Night Watch Party, Christmas Party – Monday 12/05, Training Calendar Joe Citeno (Civic Engagement Comm)
10/8 (Becoming a Great EC)

Credentialing Committee Report Joe McLaughlin (Westside, EC)

Minutes Approval Janice Neikirk (GCRP Secretary & Castle Rock, EC)

Treasurer’s Report Mary Wheeler (GCRP Treasurer, Jennings Mill)

Chairman’s Report:

GCRP Rules Committee Review of Rule 4(C)(3) EC vacates Jeff Davis / Mitch Dobrenen
Greenville County School Board Elections (6 Seats Available) Joe Farmer (CRC)
Support our Republican Candidates – Get Out The Vote (GOTV)
Poll Workers / Poll Watchers / Call Banking / Door Knocking / DONATE!!!
Yvonne Julian – House District 25

Old Business: No current old business

New Business: No new business submitted (submit to team@GreenvilleGOP.com)

ADJOURNWatch the whole meeting HERE