GCRP HQ, Greenville, SC, September 12, 2022

Call to Order: GCGOP Chairman Jeff Davis called the meeting to order at 7PM

Invocation: Susan Saravia, EC Thornblade

Pledge of Allegiance: Treaster Family

Republican Creed: Mary Wheeler, (Treasurer)

Welcome Elected & Club Officials, New Visitors, Veterans/Families: Jeff Davis

Meeting Calendar: Next business meeting will be October 3, 2022 @ GCRP HQ


  • Meetings: October 3rd – Sheriff Hobart Lewis; November 7th – Pre-Election Night GOTV
  • Events: Friday 9/16 – Rodeo; Monday 12/5 – Christmas Party – need Silent Auction items!
  • Trainings: 9/17 – ReOrg; 10/1 – Constitution is the Solution; 10/8 – How to be a Great EC


State EC Report of September 10th Quarterly Meeting – Mike Voaden: Every county was given Election goals, Greenville was given the following: 200 Poll Watchers, 150 Poll Workers, 40,000 phone calls, and 17,000 doors knocked. Rule clarification: Presidents cannot be removed (discussion ensued). Three county ECs were “condemned” for questioning the steps followed regarding the July convention. Mike then read a letter he sent to state Leadership. Elizabeth Jean Scott clarified that before ReOrg 2021, there was no inclusion for new members. 

Credentials Report: Joe McLaughlin, Westside EC – 80 precincts were represented out of 125 organized precincts; there is a quorum. There were approximately 8-9 proxies.

*Evert Headley attempted to introduce New Business. Parliamentarian Ray Sheen intervened.

School Board Candidates Lynda Levantis-Wells (District 22) and Dr. Gene Beckner (District 24) were present, and each gave a 3–5-minute introduction.

Approval of Minutes – Janice Neikirk, Secretary: Requested a Motion to Approve Minutes of July 11, 2022, as presented in email to all ECs and GCRP members. Evert Headley, TR1 asked his first name be corrected and that the Motion re Support of Ellen Weaver was tabled for action for this meeting. Motion was made to accept the Minutes as revised by DeAnn Barton, Greenville 26 and seconded by Scott Crosby, Mauldin 6. Ayes had it unanimously by voice vote. Motion made to accept the Minutes of August 8, 2022, Special Meeting made by David Duerling, Maridel and seconded by Susana Saravia, Thornblade. Ayes have it unanimously by voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report: Mary Wheeler, Treasurer: Reports for both July and August. Beginning bank balance was $6,298.32, ending balance $6,451.07. See report on website for details. No Motion to Accept the Treasurer’s Report was made.

Harrison Musselwhite – Legislative Liaison – Moment of Silence for State Representative Candidate Alex Foppoli

Rule 4(C)(3) – Vacating EC Positions (Round #3) – Jeff Davis: Postponed due to new state GOP issued rules. Sending the state all the information and requesting a ruling.

Chairman’s Report: Jeff Davis

  • Joe Farmer gave overview of school board candidates – need to inform our neighbors and friends of who’s running as the race is non-partisan and each voter needs to know the name of their candidate – name recognition is KEY. District 18. Pat Suddeth, District 20 Tim Schuyler, District 22 Linda Leventis-Wells, District 24 Gene Beckner, District 26 Amanda Brett, District 28 Jeff Cochran – Republican candidates in school board races.
  • Linda Craig offered to organize dry erase board purchases with precinct name and Re-Org info for $10 each

 Old Business: Mitch Dobrenen: Motion made by TR1 proxy Evert Headley re Support for State Board of Education candidate Ellen Weaver is moot as the Republican County parties are required to support Republican candidates per the state by-laws.

New Business:     

  1. Thomas Beach, State Representative candidate District 10 presented a Resolution to Restrict Child and Juvenile Sexual Propaganda in our Local Public Libraries. Motion to Accept made by Elizabeth Jean Scott, Greenville 21 and seconded by Harrison Musselwhite, Simpsonville 6. Discussion ensued. Motion made to amend the Resolution to include digital media as well by Dean Healy, Sulphur Springs and seconded by Evert Headley, TR1. Both amendment and Resolution passed unanimously by voice vote.
  2. Griffin Callahan, 4th Vice Chair presented Resolution to Support Legislation to Protect Human Life. Motion to amend by adding footnote that Roe v Wade has been added by Tony DiLorenzo, also point of clarification in Resolved section to clarify “elected representatives” by adding Republican. Motion to Accept as Amended made by Griffin Callahan, Greenville 25, and seconded by Deborah McLemore, Saluda. Passed unanimously by voice vote.
  3. Evert Headley, TR1 presented Motion to Observe a Moment of Silence Remembering 9/11/2001. Seconded by Mike Voaden. Clarify Motion to add “all that have died since.” Motion passed unanimously as amended by voice vote.
  4. Evert Headley, TR1 read statement by Brenda Skipp regarding Acting ECs. Per Parliamentarian Ray Sheen, this Motion has no standing as it has been clarified that Presidents are designated successors. Discussion ensued. All Acting ECs were determined to be legitimate ECs. Motion is tabled.
  1. Evert Headley, TR1 made a request that the State GOP Rules committee ruling dated September 10, 2022, will be entered into the Minutes and sent to the body. See attached.
  2. Evert Headley, TR1 presented Motion re Credentials Committee Report. Seconded by Roan Garcia-Quintana, Mauldin 1. Mitch Dobrenen, Parliamentarian, addressed various issues with the Motion. Motion needs to be reviewed and referred to the Rules Committee and re-presented at October 3rd business meeting. Julie Hershey, Ware Shoals so moved, seconded by Janice Neikirk, Castle Rock, ayes have it, one dissent by voice vote.

Motion to Adjourn made by Susana Saravia and seconded by Deborah McLemore. The ayes have it unanimously.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:36 PM