September 24th, 2023 (updated 11/29/2023 & then 01/13/2023 to add link to minutes & then 2/1/2024 to change lease image and add link to meeting video):  By Jeff Davis, current GCRP State EC & previously the GCRP Chairman during the budget time periods applicable from 2021 ReOrg – 2023 ReOrg (April 2023).  Any questions, comments, corrections or additions, please email us at or call me directly at 843-901-8036 (cell) – THANKS, Jeff!!!

Meeting Video:  HERE

Know that our annual GCRP budget is presented pursuant to GCRP Rule 9 C ( click HERE) by February 10th of each year to the GCRP Executive Committee.  Our next 2024 annual budget will be up for presentation and passage at the February 2024 EC Meeting.

Know also that neither the GCRP nor the SCGOP have rules or resources around preserving and making available archived or obsolete records (being any records from prior 2 year ReOrg terms). Unless related to financial contributions, these records aren’t relevant to the duties of the current organization.

CALL FOR SPECIAL MEETING:  With less than 48 hours notice and out of the blue, at 7:51PM on Tuesday, September 12th, 2023, GCRP Chair Yvonne Julian received an email from Jeff Magg (EC, Palmetto Precinct) directing that an emergency Special Meeting was being called for 7PM on Thursday, September 14th.  It has become apparent that this meeting, although called as an “emergency” Special Meeting, had been in the plans for at least several weeks.  Although no original signatures were provided with the call for a special meeting, thus not properly called, it was determined to allow the meeting to occur so these disgruntled ECs could have there (dilatory) grievances heard by the greater GCRP EC Body.

FALSE CLAIMS?  It has also become apparent in gathering this requested historical data that although Mr. Jeff Magg led the effort to call this Special Meeting, and he reported at the Special Meeting that the GCRP “did not have a budget” (although his Motion requested a copy of the Budget), Mr. Jeff Magg (as the then current GCRP Treasurer until he resigned on 3/1/2022) in fact personally created the line item budget, presented it to the GCRP Executive Committee on February 7th, 2022, and voted in favor of the GCRP Budget on at least two occasions.  See below.

No motions were attached to the Call for Special Meeting, only the following four “topics”:

  1. A motion dealing with the current status of the GCRP Budget.  [NOTE:  The ultimate motion was for a “copy” of the budget, which is the same budget Mr. Jeff Magg personally prepared when he was GCRP Treasurer before he quit the position on March 1, 2022 … and it is the same Budget that has been provided to thousands of of people via emails in February, March & April 2022.  Whereas thousands of people already have the Budget, including the ECs requesting this Motion, the motion passed on a unanimous voice vote.  The alternative was for the ECs calling this special meeting to simply check their email for the February 7th, 2022 email they all received. Click HERE. ]
  2. A motion to address records pertaining to the GCRP Headquarters.  [NOTE:  The ultimate motion was for a “copy” of the GCRP office space lease, a copy of which had already been emailed out to approximately 3,000 individuals by the GCRP on March 7th, 2022 (HERE & HERE) and included in several other presentation to the Executive Committee.  The motion also requested personal and private information for other tenants of 2505 Wade Hampton Blvd., including amounts being paid by such parties.  The motion was amended to remove these provisions additional requirements, as well as the necessity of the GCRP lease to be posted publicly.]
  3. Motion to address Business Meeting minutes.  [NOTE:  The ultimate motion was for copies of the September 2022 meeting minutes (HERE or HERE – emailed out October 1, 2022), October 2022 (video HERE) & January 31st, 2023 (a simple Yes/No vote total) to be presented at the October 2nd, 2023 business meeting.]
  4. A motion to address equal access to GCRP resources for all members.  [NOTE:  The ultimate motion was to reverse four “No Trespass Notices” issued by Jeff Davis as the master tenant and ultimately responsible party for safety & security at 2505 Wade Hampton Blvd to four disruptive individuals – 2 of which are ECs and called this special meeting.  The motion was amended to remove this provision and the four “No Trespass Notices” remain in effect until impacted parties meet to discuss acceptable behavior at 2505 Wade Hampton.]


The 15 precinct ECs calling for this meeting were purportedly as follows:

  1. Jeff Magg – Palmetto EC
  2. Tiffany Mauk – Frohawk EC
  3. Karen Eachus – Castle Rock EC
  4. Anita Lane – Northwood EC
  5. Judith Tanzola – Circle Creek EC
  6. James Hoard – Mountain View EC
  7. Yelizaveta Liokumovich – Tyger River EC
  8. David Bell – Boiling Springs EC
  9. Kelly Wood – Pelham Falls EC
  10. Mary Ann Coleman – Stonehaven EC
  11. Elizabeth Williams – Del Norte EC
  12. John Murphy – Riverwalk EC
  13. Marcus Griffis – Fork Shoals EC
  14. Arthur Springer – Sevier EC
  15. Lois Gates – Travelers Rest 2 EC



VOTE #1 (7 to 1) – 2/3/2023 (GCRP Executive Board):  the 8 person GCRP Executive Board met to discuss the lease and budget.  A vote of 7 to 1, with Tina Bollinger (then current 5th Vice Chair for Events – resigned 3/7/2022) being the lone vote in opposition.  Both Jeff Magg (then current Treasurer – resigned 3/1/2022) & Stephen Brown (then current State EC – resigned 3/7/2022) voted in favor of the $2,500 / month Budget & Revenue Plan and in favor of the lease amount and terms (month-to-month).

Initial Presentation at Business Meeting – 2/7/2022 (GCRP Executive Committee) (Final Meeting Notice HERE):    As the then current GCRP Treasurer, Jeff Magg presented the 2022 Proposed $2,500 Budget & Lease terms (starting at Hour 1:43:30).  (See full 2 hour, 50 minute video HERE – viewed approximately 1,200 times just on Facebook).  In order to give people more time to “learn” the process of budgeting and the lease, approval was deferred to the March 7th, 2022 regular scheduled business meeting.

PowerPoint Presentation #1:  Whereas some members (mainly the above listed parties that called this meeting) seemed to still have questions following then GCRP Treasurer Jeff Magg’s 2/7/2022 presentation, the task was picked up by then 1st Vice Chair Yvonne Jullian & 4th Vice Chair Griffin Callahan to prepare a PowerPoint presentation.  A ZOOM Call open Q&A meeting for any interested parties was held where any and all questions were welcome and answered.  See HERE & HERE.

VOTE #2 (unanimous, except for 1) – 3/7/2022 (GCRP Executive Committee):  Following a PowerPoint presentation by then 1st Vice Chair Yvonne Julian to the GCRP Executive Committee at our regularly scheduled meeting (see 2 hour, 51 minute video HERE – viewed approximately 1,100 times just on Facebook), the Lease and the 2022 Budget was unanimously (less 1 dissent) passed.  Jeff Magg (EC of Palmetto & Partner with Consolidated Assurance) & his brother-in-law Abraham Varughese (then EC of Oakview & CEO of a local technology company) both voted in favor of the Lease & 2022 Budget, presuming they did not walk out of the meeting prior to the vote.  All of this information was available via the online video of the meeting, or the 36 pages of meeting minutes emailed to 3,000 +/- GCRP emails. (See HERE or HERE)

PowerPoint Presentation #2:  At the urging of Jeff Magg (EC of Palmetto & Partner with Consolidated Assurance) & his brother-in-law Abraham Varughese (then EC of Oakview & CEO of a local technology company) a second PowerPoint presentation was offered up to any “remaining” ECs having questions.  (See 4/28/2022 email HERE).  No further questions were received.  Since Jeff Magg & Abe Varughese were both instrumental in requesting and preparing / reviewing this 2nd PowerPoint, and as senior experience businessmen, it was understood that any questions or concerns they might also have had been answered.  It appears they both have forgotten given these records are now nearly 18 months old.

VOTE #3 – 1/31/2023 (GCRP Executive Committee Zoom Call / In-Person Special Meeting):  In order to be in full compliance with the GCRP Rules requiring an annual budget to be presented to the Executive Committee by February 10th of each year (Rule 9 C – click HERE), as Chairman, Jeff Davis called a Special Meeting via Zoom (and in person at HQ) to #1 rollover the exact same / no changes needed 2022 budget passed on 3/7/2022 and #2 the 2023 ReOrg schedule as required by SC State Election Law.  (See FINAL NOTICE email HERE.)  Both passes as-is with overwhelming support (except for generally the same above referenced disgruntled group of ECs).  In this case, for the first time, Jeff Magg did vote “NO” against the same budget he prepared (See HERE).

January 31, 2023 “NO” Vote Email by “disgruntled” GCRP Members:  A last minute “sneaky” email effort (see HERE) was  attempted by generally this same group of disgruntled parties to not pass the ReOrg Schedule, the 2023 Budget & the “Membership” Program.  Although this group has lost all their proposed votes, they only appear to want to be obstructionists to the MISSION of the GCRP to hold our elected officials to the Republican Platform.

2022 GCRP Budget as prepared by Jeff Magg (See HERE):  


January 31, 2023 GCRP Special Meeting to pass the following “Resolution to APPROVE ReOrg Schedule, Budget & Membership”:   Renewal and extension of the budget was Yes – 45; No – 22 after a disgruntled group sent out a “VOTE NO” email.  See 01/31/2023 Minutes HERE.


Although not required to be published publicly, this is the current month-to-month GCRP Leased (with 15 day termination notice) as signed by Yvonne Julian as the then current 1st Vice Chair and Jeff Davis representing 1776 Services, LLC

NOTE:  The $1,250 / mth flat rate was calculated by Jeff Magg as then Treasurer of the GCRP from his above Budget for simplicity of expense planning ($800 rent, $300 utilities & $150 email/tech/website = $1,250).  See HERE.